Fallback rates

Rates set up in Store Pickup + Delivery will show when customers go through our widget on your cart page. We attach the information selected in the widget in form of a ZapietID, and are able to show correct rates at checkout.

Fallback rates will show if the ZapietID is missing, when

  • A customer bypassed our widget
  • You have sent a draft order to the customer without including the rate
  • You are using third-party sales channel (such as Pinterest or Facebook).


You can use rates set up in the delivery or shipping rates section as your fallback rates—rates set up in the pickup section cannot show as fallback rates.

If you have carriers integrated in your delivery/shipping sections, their rates will show up as fallback rates.


  • You need to add Store Pickup + Delivery as a rates carrier in Shopify shipping and delivery settings

Enabling fallback rates 

  1. Within Store Pickup + Delivery, click on the Rates tab.
  2. At the bottom of the page, find Fallback rates, and click Enable.         
  3. Select your preferred option and click Save.        


  • You cannot use the rates set up in the pickup section as fallback rates.
  • You cannot use the Last mile delivery partners rates as fallback rates.
  • Fallback rates for local delivery work only with Free deliveries from all locations or Deliveries are priced the same for all locations pricing policy. If you're using Delivery pricing varies per location for your delivery rates, use shipping rates for fallback rates instead.
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