Langify - Multi language Shopify stores

Learn how to configure Langify to work with Store Pickup + Delivery

If you are using Langify please ensure you are using version 4.1.1 or above. 

You will also need to add the following code to your themes snippets/storepickup-addons.liquid file.

{% assign language = cart.attributes["language"] %}
{% if language == nil %}
  {% assign language = shop.metafields["languages"]["default"] %}
{% endif %}
{% assign langify_locale = shop.metafields.language_codes[language] %}
{% if langify_locale %}
  {% capture language_code %}{{langify_locale}}{% endcapture %}
{% endif %}
{% if request.locale.iso_code %}
{% capture language_code %}{{request.locale.iso_code }}{% endcapture %}
{% endif %}

Below is an example of how it should look.

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